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Who We Are

Delivery Man
To empower every driver to deliver each package safely and timely resulting in customer smiles at each doorstep.
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Become part of our incredible team. We'd love for you to join our mission.

H2 Logistics is more than a business to us, and we hope it's more than a job for you. Our objective is not to just deliver packages but to create opportunities for our employees that are looking for their next step or extra income in pursuit of a bigger goal.

Core Values

Deliver outstanding results by establishing a culture of exceptional execution.


Work safely to protect ourselves and those around us.


Remain agile by maintaining a sense of urgency, while adapting to situations and responding without losing momentum.


Support growth by pursuing continuous improvement in ourselves as well as our processes and delivery.


Reward those who create great outcomes and celebrate our successes.


Give joy by going the extra mile for our team and our customers.


Take ownership through being accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, and our company.